Thursday, January 25, 2018

A Call for Your Stories

So I'm going to kick this blog thing up a notch and start a podcast.  What?!? 

I have come up with almost everything, but a name (my daughter suggested "The Struggle is Real" but that seems to be taken...update: the name is "Walking with Freya; A Journey of Special Needs Parenting).  I have a format in mind, 3 episodes written and a strong vision of my intentions (plus experience creating a podcast - check out MEND; Life at the Seams ;-) if you're interested).  I want to create space for parents and care givers of children with special needs (young or adult) to discuss the challenges and successes openly and honestly.  I am not looking to sugar coat or fluff the very real challenges we sometimes face.  Ultimately my vision is to create a space to laugh, I think humor goes a long way to healing and moving on.  I want to create a space to cry, because that is inevitable.  I want to create a space to share our stories and to educate each other and ourselves about what our children need.  I want to create more people in the world that have knowledge about our children so they can move more freely and safely in our communities. 

We will start with the premise that ‘yes, of course I love my child with a full heart, as much as I love my other children (sometimes more) and do my best to give them what it is they need’.  As a friend once eloquently put it, 'parents can call their typically developing kids a-holes when talking to other parents, but you can't say that about a child with special needs'.  Even when they may be acting like an a-hole.  (note: if this last sentence offended you, this might not be your podcast)

Now, that is out of the way, we know where we stand and there is no explaining to be done.  So carry on, tell me about the moment you were so overwhelmed and frustrated all you could do was scream into a pillow, let’s talk about the time you were so terrified for your child fear gripped you into silence, or when the grief was so heavy you fell to your knees in shuddering tears. 

Let's giggle about that time in speech therapy your daughter was trying to say "I have a clock", but didn't quite get the 'l' sound in there, share the joy when someone tells you how special your child makes them feel, or sing the praises of the western doctor committed to reaching as many families as possible and sharing the sometimes miraculous benefits of supplements.  

I want to tell birth stories, diagnosis stories, talk about the fears and victories of being in school and having friends, the therapies that work, the ones that don't.  I want to learn about disorders I've never heard of and learn more about ones I do.  I want to expand our knowledge and our understanding of each other so that our community grows.  

To this end I am asking for people to share their stories with me.  I would like to read your stories on the podcast, names can be attached or not.  I am also a writer so please allow for any editing that will enhance the story telling aspect without changing the details or the story.  I will also be telling my story along the way and interviewing others when the story needs to be told by the person. If you are interested in learning more about my vision or wish to share your story you can email me at    Thank you so much for any interest and I will keep everyone posted about this project.

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